Preparing Your Home For a Sale

Whether the real estate that is for sale is a primary residence or one that has been used as an actual investment to generate positive cash flow, there are some steps that will need to be taken before the house is ready for the local real estate market. While the real estate can be prepared to whatever extent the current homeowner wishes, better prepping will often lead to faster home sales for more money.

While home improvements are an important part of any real estate sale, it is not recommended that the homeowner mortgage the house in order to fix it up and sell it. Basic improvements in the appearance of the real estate are always a good idea however. If there are any defects in the home or problems that may prevent a sale, they should also be repaired before listing the house with a realtor.

Any problems that may be considered major will often prevent the home from being sold at all. If there are leaks under the home or in buried plumbing that may not be immediately seen by a potential real estate investor, they should still be repaired. Many states have lemon laws for homes similar to those for used cars. If problems are discovered, the financial burdens will be placed on the seller, not the purchaser of the home.

The home should be aesthetically appealing to the buyer in order to better facilitate a rapid sale of the real estate in question. While it may not be necessary to hire a landscaping crew to fully manicure every inch of the lawn, care should be taken that the outer appearance of the home is pleasing to the eyes. Broken windows, missing shingles and anything else which distracts from the beauty of the property for sale will result in many less offers at much lower prices for the home.

Similar care should be taken inside the home to make it appealing to potential home buyers as well. Clean carpets, appliances and an overall appearance of neatness will give the buyer a higher level of confidence that the home has been properly maintained and cared for. This will not leave the buyer to wonder what else may be wrong with the house and dissuade them from wanting to purchase it.

The two most important factors in home preparation before selling any piece of real estate are functionality and aesthetics. The home must be safe, secure and appealing to the real estate investor if it is ever to be sold. The more appealing it is, and the more comfortable people are there, the quicker it will sell … and for a much better price.