Sharon Aly


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Since 2006 I have been the owner and principal broker of Friends & Neighbors Realty Group, a locally owned company located in downtown Eugene.  Our motto is “Low key, no pressure Real Estate service”. We believe that teaching you about real estate, teaching you about the market, is the best way to help you decide if you want to buy a home.I have been a Realtor since 1997, starting out working just with buyers, and transitioning to a listing agent as those buyers sold their first homes and bought their next homes.  More than half of my business in the past 5 years has been from repeat clients or from personal referrals of former clients.Although I appreciate the challenge of helping sellers prepare their homes for sale and marketing them for the best possible price, I still enjoy working with buyers more than anything, and first time buyers most of all. Nothing is as satisfying as giving a first time buyer the keys to their new, affordable home.Even now, after the bubble I still believe that owning your own home, as long as you buy a home you can afford and you aren’t counting on refinancing in the next few years,  is the key to financial stability.  Owning a home gives you some control. If you were a renter and lost your job in the current economy, you would be homeless the first month you couldn’t make your rent.If you have some money to put down, some money saved, and feel secure in your employment, right now is the probably the very best time for you to buy intelligently and prudently.  Interest rates are ridiculously low, prices are down to 2004 levels in many cases, and the winter is always the best time to get a bargain on a house.If you are ready, or want to find out if you are ready, call me.  I will help you find your first home, your next home, or your investment property.

Sharon Aly, GRI, CDPE